All Great Movies Have An Awesome Ending!

The happy and fun moments we shared over the years has been thanks to YOU, our awesome trainers, colleagues, clients, and friends.

The timing is perfect. Our lease ends in February 2019. Since each of us is moving on to pursue other interests, we have decided not to renew our lease.

Please check out the final intakes of our remaining classes. They promise to be extra-special! But do hurry, some are selling fast or already sold-out.

We like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to YOU for giving us so many wonderful memories. Indeed YOU have become our friends and family. If you had a memorable experience at ACE Training, please share with us on Facebook!

We treasure every experience YOU had at ACE Training ;)

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Over 10,000 satisfied students can't be wrong!

Trainer's Passion

We teach because we want to, not because we have to!

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You will have fun in these hands-on instructor-led training classes!

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A culture rooted in Fun!

At ACE Training, we can transform training into an enjoyable experience. Having been in the training industry for more than 10 years, the instructors at ACE Training are equipped to infuse creativity and excitement at every turn. This is to cater to learners who might be more receptive to different learning styles be it visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or cognitive.

This video showcases what we mean by having fun! Don't we look good acting as mannequins?

Meet the Team

Get to know the movers and shakers of the Adobe training industry!

ACE Training Instructors - Shirley

Shirley Tan

Training Director

Shirley is a supremely confident instructor, with a firm grasp of the theory and practice of an extensive range of Adobe software products. Her cheerful persona and empathetic instruction style makes her one of Asia's TOP Adobe trainers.

ACE Training Instructors - James

James Lee

Adobe Certified Web Specialist

James has clocked more than 12,000 hours guiding Adobe users to achieve greater heights in their career developments. Gifted with an impassioned teaching style, his classroom ardour is enthusiastically reciprocated by the students.

ACE Training Instructors - Chris

Chris M.S.

Adobe Certified Instructor

Chris holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Computing. His students are from various disciplines and domains. He has consistently transformed, inspired, and aided individuals and groups towards fresh levels of personal accomplishment.

ACE Training Instructors - Kin

Wong Kin Ching

Adobe Certified Instructor

Kin worked in a Post Production capacity as a freelance editor, using a variety of software such as Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro. Kin is living his professional passions: teaching the range of software he has come to love, and continuing to work as a producing editor.

ACE Training staffs - Lilian

Lilian Ang

Office Manager

Lilian is the embodiment of ACE. Her welcome maternal presence is complemented by an admirably disciplined approach to administrative excellence. Her human-cum-humane attributes are gems of worth and value, easily appreciated by all who come to know her.

ACE Training staffs - Steven

Steven Chua

Business Manager

Steven is the mastermind behind the creation of ACE as the premier graphics software teaching and-consulting provider in the Asia pacific region. Gifted with an astute mind, charming social skills, and a versatile repertoire of executive brilliance, Steven is in the business of helping you with your business.

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